Size Guide - Woman

Before start

Pay attention and try to be as much accurate as possible because our Translingerie underwear cannot be returned and it would be a pity if you buy it and it doesn’t fit you. If it doesn’t fit you our you have any doubt, please, contact us so we can help you and solve your problems.

Translingerie garments have been carefully designed so you can be impressive and feel special. It is very important for you to know the size that best fits you for the garments to perfectly adapt your body, that is the reason why we help you to calculate them in an easy way. Don’t order a size smaller than yours because, as garments are elastic the may not fit you.

We have available models for all types of bodies and weights, that is why we manufacture the bands of the trans panties in two different ways, one thinner for people of little weight and another wider for people who want to feel safer and more comfortable. By default, we always send the panties with the band appearing in the gaff pictures, but if you desire any change, please, tell us in the purchase order window.

Take measurements of your hips or the line where you usually wear your underwear when you are nude or wearing your usual underwear.

When calculating your G-string size, if your measures don’t exactly coincide with those indicated in the table, use your usual underwear size as reference.

Hips measurement

Centimeters (cm) Size
70-74 S1
75-80 S2
81-85 M1
86-90 M2
91-95 L1
96-100 L2
101-106 XL1
107-112 XL2

If you have any further doubt regarding your size, will to change the size or the panties width, please, contact us or write your hips measurement in comments when ordering.