I do not know the exact size How do I take the measurements?

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How are TL panties used?

It is very easy and helps us all to feel comfortable and safe. With one hand the testicles are raised towards the lower part of the abdomen and inserted into it, at first if you have not used this type of clothing is usually a bit uncomfortable, but with regular use you get used to it. Then the excess skin of the scrotum, since the testicles are inside your abdomen (which you must keep there with the index finger and ring of your skillful hand) and the penis are taken back and there you can release the testicles already that the tension produced will keep them in the place where you put them. Keeping the penis and skin tight, raise your panties with your other hand and adjust to the height that suits you best.


What care should I take?

In TransLingerie we make our garments with love, when you have them in your hands, also with love:

For the good operation and the durability of the garments we recommend that:

  • Wash your garments by hand in cold water.
  • Use a neutral ph soap.
  • Dry in the open air, away from direct sunlight.
  • It can be washed in a washing machine, provided you use a cold program and wash delicate garments and the garment is placed in a protective bag.
  • The iron is not recommended as it could become hot and lose resistance.

With these tips, your love and the desire to enjoy our clothes, will help you have a long life.

In one sentence: "If you spoil me, I will spoil you"


Is the use of panties dangerous?

Not at all, at first it is usually a little annoying, but the body adapts and then you get used to it.


How long does shipping take?

Between 5 and 7 days inside the Peninsula

Between 12 and 15 the rest of countries.


Is the shipment discreet?

As much as you prefer. All packages are shipped without logo, publicity or information.


Why all her panties are with thong?

Because the thong strap holds the limb against the middle of the two buttocks and makes the function more effective.


From what age can they be taken?

As long as the child feels safe and eager to wear it as it is a bit uncomfortable at first, we personally recommend it from age 9, but it depends on each one.