We are a pioneering Spanish company and at the forefront, we are focused on facilitating the day-to-day trans people thanks to an exhaustive knowledge of the needs of the client, our garments have been designed by and for trans people.

Translingerie products are made with high quality materials and are 100% handmade in Spain. The comfort offered by our trans underwear is due to its design and tailoring, created to fit and adapt to all types of bodies thanks to its innovative fabric in this type of garments.

Our underwear is exclusive and fully customizable; we offer the client the possibility to choose the fabrics, appliques and finishes all adapted to his personal measures. Also our human team is made up of people who are aware of the trans collective, who assure the quality and adaptation of the product to the needs of our customers and who will attend to all the doubts and requests of quickly and great knowledge of the product. All this ending with a fast and discreet shipment.