Silvia Matos

Silvia Matos, Founder CEO of TransLingerie and TLmermaids, is responsible for these achievements.

Silvia, finished her studies at the School of Artistic Education in Madrid in 2009, then, two masters (Personal Shopper and Coolhunter) in the IED of Madrid. The difficulty to find comfortable and safe clothes that adapt to his body and the academic preparation he had, led to the brilliant idea of ​​creating a business that materialized in the TransLingerie brand.

A brand where innovation and fashion come together so that anyone who identifies with the trans collective can make their life simpler. A wide range of trinkets and binder, which are offered to a diverse clientele that wants top quality materials and that fit perfectly to its well feminine, well masculine figure.

One of the main qualities of TransLingerie and TLmermaids is that their products have great estilo y elegancia. We are before a large assortment of tricksters and binders that have nothing to envy to a standardized feminine or masculine intimate garment. In the newly released web page: y it is possible to find basic lingerie for everyday wear, such as more colorful garments for special occasions or collections for children.

The articles are of first quality. It is common knowledge that the big brands, in order to reduce costs, have their production in Asian countries producing products through human exploitation and of low quality. TransLingerie a company in solidarity with the small entrepreneur and who knows that, although the raw material is more expensive, the production of Spanish fabrics is of quality. Therefore, it is not difficult to find Silvia herself in the fabric shops that surround the main square of Madrid or the mythical Atocha street, looking for textiles and talking face to face with local producers.

But, undoubtedly, the seal that gives life to the brand is that all garments, both feminine and masculine, are made by hand and made to measure.

In the TransLingerie workshop, they know, like nobody else, how important it is to feel safe and comfortable. Wearing garments with seams, which remain large, or that fit where they should not, only contribute to the body discomfort. These problems have no place in TransLingerie. Following the guidelines of its website to take measures, our clients and customers will receive a product that is almost a second and flattering skin.

Last but not least, the key to this innovative company, TransLingerie also defines personal attention. The advantages of dealing with someone real (even through the new technologies) are innumerable. In TransLingerie the professionals listen to you, clarify your doubts and worry that your order arrives at your home quickly, discreetly and safely.