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Pioneers and at the forefront focused on helping the trans community in your personal image

The history of Translingerie is my story, the story of Silvia Matos.

Since very little I dreamed of being a princess, and in my notes from cole only had sketches of bodies of a woman with their feminine garments. 

When I turned 18 I decided to come to Madrid to study fashion design and to know how the world was outside the Canary islands. In the third year of my degree, I decided with a lot of fear to start my transition , a little lost because there was no information or advice, or relating to, or clothing for our community .

I searched on the Internet garments to replace the tape or the 3 panties placed one above the other, without success. I researched fabrics and patterns that fit my body and do what is most pleasing to my eye. One day, I found a way, and a fabric that is adapted and hid it all in a comfortable way. After a while this pants I think I was holding, grasping and disguised my penis. 

I showed it to my friends, and my friends and their friends. With this mouth-to-mouth began to make me orders, and without realizing it, and nothing created Translingerie. 

With time I realized that there were boys and trans which also had a hard time finding clothes that will adapt to your physical, talking with them I found that they used tape to hide the chest and have the appearance of male torso so I started designing the Binder, the garment that is used to compress the chest.  

In 2016 already arrived orders from all over Europe thanks to websites and magazines that are pioneers in our collective.

In 2018, seeing the social evolution and the demand on the part of parents to support their children at a very early age I decided to create Tlmermaids line of products for the kids, happy to meet the need of the future of the collective. 

Today we get to all the countries of the world, bringing comfort and safety to all corners. 

We have had models american RuPaul drag race Carmen Carrera, Gia Gunn (with her own line of lingerie by translingerie), Laganja Estranja, or Latin as the mexican Victory Volkova, or the chilean Florence Bascolis or Spanish characters like Carmen Jedet, Soul Gormedino, Violet, daughter of Nacho Vidal happening by Alex Delacroix, among others.

In 2020, we created the first parade of underwear for trans people at the global level and in 2023 we did the parade of the collection bathroom. 

Every day and thanks to you we continue to work to cover and protect the needs of my family, my collective. 

Our job is to make you happy every day.

Comfortable and secure

The comfort of our lingerie trans is due to its design and workmanship, created to conform and adapt to all body types thanks to its innovative fabric in this type of clothing.

Customer care

Our team of design and construction catering to the questions and requests of customers with fast and great product knowledge.


Our shipments are in discreet plain packages without advertising....

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