Gaff Chloe


Gaff Translingerie of elastic fabric with trim smooth shiny for your comfort in the day-to-day.


¿How to use your TransLingerie?

Care of your TransLingerie

*Apply: it Is a piece placed in the front part of the liner that holds and keeps hidden the penis.

*Subject: it Is the width of the strip of the thong. Basic small penises and Special for large penises. 

Gaff translingerie basic Chloe in 3 colors to hide the penis

Gaff for hiding genitals by Translingerie

Best Transgender tuck underwear thong to tuck for trans and crossdresser gaff

Braga Transgender – Chloe Gaff

Gaff Thong specially designed to conceal the genitals in a comfortable way without damaging the skin.

Lycra fabric resistant

Chloe is made of Smooth material, available in Beige, Black, and White.

I miss the need to use tape to get the desired effect!

Perfect for daily use; them at the gym, with leggings, jeans and/or skirts without notice nothing.

Designed by and for Trans people. This garment is made with materials that are kind to the skin that is perfectly matched to the silhouette with a perfect combination of grip and movement.

To make sure that the size is perfect, leave in the comments your measure around the hip complete (where you usually get the underwear).


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